Your Urban Redevelopment Source

WE OFFER engineering services to the land development industry specifically in the preparation of preliminary engineering documents, functional servicing reports and plans, servicing and grading design, erosion and sedimentation control plans, stormwater management, cost estimation, preparation of contract documents for construction, field reviews and certification. Our core business offers engineering support for the civil design components of industrial, commercial, institutional and condominium Site Plan applications.

WE PROVIDE customized services to our clients and are always looking to enhance your development experience through our offered services which include:

  • Site plan preparation and technical review
  • Pre-acquisition / due diligence review
  • Grading / servicing / stormwater management design to approvals
  • Tendering of construction work, field review and contract administration
  • Preparation of development design criteria and optimization of existing design criteria
  • General development engineering
  • Preparation of site maintenance manuals to maximize life expectancy of infrastructure.