The Pesky Pole

THIS is not in reference to Fenway Park for you Boston Red Sox fans out there... utility poles are pesky, especially when they need to be relocated as a result of a proposed site plan.

THERE are a number of utilities that may be mounted on a pole such as communications (phone, TV, internet), electrical cables, pole-mounted transformers each potentially having different owners. Some poles have guy wires that provide it lateral stability while others also serve as streetlighting.

WHY should this be a concern to SITEPLANTECH and our clients? A site plan may require the relocation of a pole but beware, when looking at the feasibility of relocating a pole, one must consider numerous factors that could influence the decision or make it impractical including:

  • How many different utilities does the relocation need to be coordinated with?

  • If the pole has a guy wire, other poles may also need to be relocated and/or modified.

  • Will the relocation affect vertical clearances?

  • If the pole also acts as streetlighting, will its relocation affect ground-level photometrics?

BEFORE jumping into the rabbit hole of what a pole relocation could potentially be, it may be worth while to explore site plan changes that accommodate existing conditions. Not only will this save money for not having to relocate utilities but it could potentially save time